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Dear Reader,

I would like to share a glimpse of my worrying thoughts and critic of our society with you. Regrettably all of us can get into stressful and difficult situations. Our „modern” 21st century consists of a host of technology from the television to our phones and much more. People have less and less time for each other. This has resulted in the disappearance of the „old fashioned” romantic family structure. The performance oriented hard work for survival, studies puts the establishment of a family in the background.

All the above results in: broken relationships, small families with one child and disaffection of the couples. Relationships are ending and new relationships start, then „failures” could occur repetitively.

The exam and work related stress, solitude, irritability, far from the parents and lack of time for each other results in either difficulty to establish a new relationship or causes the termination of the current relationship. Couples usually don’t talk about intimacy or SEXUAL PROBLEMS. The reason of this is the denial: they even fail to admit the sexual problems to oneself. It is easier to put the blame on the other or simply start a new relationship because as it is put „this is not my fault”. The result of this is that similar troubles occur with the new partner. Problems at work or unemployment also have a significant role in relationship problems.
All the environmental factors mentioned above are the main precipitating elements of mood disorders, anxiety and sexual problems. The „vicious circle” is going to be more enhanced with those „drab days” and causes more symptoms.

My eight years of work experience in the United Kingdom and my work experience in Hungary unequivocally shows the evidence that none of us are 100 % protected of any illness. Unfortunately diseases occur regardless of age, gender, ethnicity and culture. In my opinion, besides the pharmacological treatment psychotherapy plays an important major role in the treatment of psychological problems. It is scientifically proven that psychological therapies can change the negative thought process and helps in problem solving. As a result of the self-esteem, self-confidence and self-concept improves. This combined treatment has a more effective, longer standing effect than the solely pharmacological therapy. Due to lack of time, unfortunately there are limited possibilities for psychological treatment in the National Mental Health Services. For this reason I am motivated to provide a more effective treatment (including the psychological therapy) for whom it is needed. I am keen to provide help for those, who suffer from either mental health problems or other difficulties in life. We must not forget about those families whose supporting role is fundamental. Most of the time parents or families have most responsibility to look after the vulnerable or mentally ill member of the family. Sometimes it is even the family, who does not give enough or appropriate support or does not understand the relative who suffers from these mental health problems.

It is obvious, that remission requires both parties: the „Doctor” as well as the „Patient” who must mutually work together. In my opinion the equal, mutual work is obligatory from the part of the „Healer” and those who wish to be cured. I would like to prevent the negative stigma that comes up in connection to the „mentally ill Patient”. Everybody can get into stressful and difficult situations and tragedies can happen at any time, so the Mental Health could be endangered I strongly believe, in mutual work „leave no stone unturned”.

Finally I wish to emphasise my prose with a quote from Madach:

I told you men: fight and hope!

For further information please read my curriculum vitae.

Kind regards;

Dr Maria Derkacs
Consultant Psychiatrist
International Cognitive and Behavioural Therapist